What is Graphology?

Handwriting analysis or Graphology is the art of interpreting the character of individuals by their handwriting. Handwriting analysis neither foretells the future, nor does it reveal the past or reveals the gender or age. A page of writing can revel traits like intelligence, self-confidence, leadership qualities, phobia, ambitions, temperament, clarity of thinking, honesty, stubborn, mood swings, sexual drives and much more.


How it works?


Graphology is a science, which deals with the handwriting analysis. Handwriting is the psychological imprint of a person on a paper. It works because handwriting is the direct projection from brain and that is the reason it is called as brain writing. Graphology awakens the sub conscious, reveling the secret we keep hidden from ourselves. It give you an instant insight into the person who you are and can also help you to gain an understanding the personality of other people. Handwriting vary from person to person, the writing of a person may change depending on the mood, but the key character formations remain constant.


It gives an individual to understand themselves as to who they really are and how others see them. It can also suggest ways to reduce tension, handle stress efficiently, and reach greater self-actualization and completion

HOW DOES GRAPHOLOGY (Handwriting Analysis) HELPS?

Businessmen can achieve more profits.

Students can earn better rank and recognition.

It can also be of immense help in marriage guidance.

Lawyers can evaluate the sincerity of their clients.

Parents can monitor their children's development better.

Psychologist can gain instant insight into a patient's problem.

HRD Managers can do better at recruiting the right personnel.

Vocational guidance for students to choose appropriate career.

Individuals can attain success in their chosen fields and gain more self-confidence.


What is Graphotherapy?

"Rewrite your life. .Just the way you want it"


A lot of secrets are hidden between lines. Secrets, which reveal the character, the strengths and the weaknesses of the person who has written the lines. My research has proved and scientific evolution, in practical and can be practiced to improve and rapidly transform life from routine. Mediocre existence into an exciting, fulfilling and rewarding life. Graphotherapy not only reveals character but also rewrites character


My techniques involve and incorporate principles of cognitive psychology and handwriting analysis. These are the fields, which have been a tremendous source of inspiration and information for me. Thousands of people have already benefited through the proper use of these sciences over the years.


And people from all walks of life can benefit immensely from this practical and growth oriented science.

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