Role of Graphology in HRD

"Judging a person within a short span from limited resources is a difficult situation every one faces. It may be a personal issue or professional, even matrimonial too."



You will never hire a wrong employee, ever again.

A new testing tool for Human Resources


How much do you really know about your employees, subordinates, colleagues, business partners and associates? To understand their attitudes, character, and mindset and help them improve in all aspects is easier than you think through Graphology. Graphologist can tell volumes about the personality and character, without personal encounter only through handwriting.


What can Handwriting Analysis reveal?


Handwriting Analysis not only reveals but also can develop, Confidence levels, Interpersonal skills, Leadership skills, Decisiveness, Organizational strength, Problem - solving abilities, Flexibility and control, Objectivity, Loyalty, Confidentiality, Trustworthiness, Dedication, Laziness, Troublemakers, Dishonesty. Graphology is being used by many progressive corporates to put together the right human resource. Most organizations as a matter of course spend millions each year in training and assessing staff and personnel and yet find that they have the wrong person on job. Be it through an IQ test, Psychological test or verbal interview recruitment still remains a hit and miss affair. Hand writing analysis is a powerful behavior-profiling tool that uses cutting edge techniques to analyze written communication and screens potential employees efficiently and thoroughly.


As a person's characteristics can be identified by analyzing the style of different strokes in the letters, spacing between words and lines, slant used in handwriting. Recruitment not only becomes easy but also saves lot of money and helps organization to be healthy.


"Handwriting analysis is quietly spreading through corporate America. With the government pulling the plug on polygraphs, employers clamming up on job references, and liabilities rising for the "negligent hiring" of workers, it is one alternative managers are exploring in an effort to know who they are hiring, before they hire." - Wall Street Journal


A recent Princeton University study determined that 4 out of 5 people are wrong for the job in which they were hired, and in the sales field 85% of employees are terminated within 3 months. More and more employers are looking for new ideas and tools for screening potential employees. Handwriting analysis is one of those tools. An in-depth analysis gives you focused information designed to shed new light on a person's values, beliefs, personality traits, talents and abilities. These traits are then mapped to common success factors for specific job responsibilities. You can also analyze the traits of existing employees to review compatibilities and ensure well-rounded teams are brought together to produce quality results


In ensuring you have the right candidate for the right job.

When selecting important Managerial positions in your organization.

Helps in fortifying essential skills and characteristics such as confidence, self control

Assist you in deriving the best performance of employees thus increase overall productivity.

Identifying mental status and mood swings, lazy, dishonest, careless and troublemaker in earlier stage.


Corporate's say...!


We have been extremely happy to have Ranadheer Kumar with us in assisting our HR team .His expertise in handwriting analysis helps us to get right candidate for right job. The commitment and quality of service, quick response and helpful manner is really amazing. Our Organization is immensely benefiting by his services.




"Before hiring services of Ranadheer Kumar I have tried many personality evaluations but none gave me so depth of information as Ranadheer handwriting analysis has given. He is fast, accurate because of his analysis we could able to hire right resources for our organization. I personally recommend his services to all those organization that are looking to attract some good talent.


Mr Naren Kollu

VP-Human Resources

Radiant Global (USA)


I experience Ranadheer Kumar handwriting analysis can great help in find out traits like problem solving abilities, honesty, integrity and team player etc., in candidate before we hire in our organization. He is exceptional in his analysis. Every time his analysis is 100% accurate.


Mr.K Kiran

Managing Director

Reliconz Bricks Ltd.


We are into jewellery export business we deal with Precious diamonds and gems whenever we want to hire an employee we used to use so many parameters till we hired handwriting analysis services by Ranadheer Kumar. His expertise in pin pointing about honesty and loyalty is very accurate. He made our job so simple He is excellent in his work no one can beat him in his subject.


Anand Mor


Mor Jewelers & Exports Ltd


I have association with Ranadheer Kumar for approximately 4 years now and have found his work is simply great. He works with passion his analysis is always correct "I sincerely thank you for your professionalism.


P M Kumar


Hycons Infrastructrue Ltd


As you most likely understand based on the quantity of work we have assigned you, we have come to depend on your handwriting analysis of applicants as well as those whom we are taking into consideration for promotion or added responsibilities. We were very delighted to find that your analysis of all the applicants you evaluated have consequently proven to be very perfect. This added tool has been a great help.
Thank you very much.


A M Reddy,


Mascot Hotels & Restaurants Ltd


Take the advantage of handwriting analysis for hiring efficient & smart staff. Avoid unhealthy application at initial stage. - For more details contact us -

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