Training Program

Learn Handwriting Analysis and start a rewarding new career or begin a second stream of income.


With our training program you will master the secrets of Strokes and Curves of Handwriting. You will learn value of emptiness like Graphology not only reveals the secrets of Strokes and Curves it also observes the Spacing (gaps between the letters), Slants, Margins, Loops, Letter Formations, Connecting and Disconnecting of the strokes so on.


The Study of Graphology offers career based Diploma of Graphology.


Psychology of handwriting, course commences with training in the "signs" which are fundamental to handwriting analysis. It progresses to an exploration of a broad range of typologies and psychological theories.


People come from all walks of life and backgrounds, but they share a fascination with "what makes people tick" and a desire to study psychology seriously. This new knowledge can help you in professional and personal life, or just as a way of developing your appreciation of human nature.


You can also become consultant graphologists and have long and fulfilling careers in the field. It opens up a range of career options:


Compatibility and relationship advice

Personnel selection and motivation

Career and vocational guidance

Child developmen

Personal coaching


What you will learn

Be invited to be a Guest Speaker.

Increase your confidence and self esteem.

Discover the secrets of handwriting analysis.

Gain access to the hidden mysteries of personality.

Learn to solve the misunderstandings in relationships.

Earn extra Income be a Professional Analyzer or Consultant.

Earn recognition and respect by becoming a Certified Expert.


Course proves beneficial for: Teachers/ HRD Professionals/ Parents/ Businessmen/ Detective Agencies/ Individuals/ Professionals & Counselors


Students say...!


"This seminar was astonishing! I really learned and enjoyed the time I've spent in the seminar. I'm surprised and shocked to know how much you can analyze thorough handwriting. There is so much to learn about handwriting; you made it so simple, easy and interesting. I'd encourage anyone interested in learning handwriting analysis; I recommend learning from you. Without a doubt you are a great trainer


Best wishes


Dear Dr Ranadheer,

Thank you so much for your friendly and outstanding service. Within hours of my questions I found answers in my inbox. I am very impressed with your concern and services to aspiring graphologist like me.



Venkat shetty:

Dear Ranadheer your reliability and support is an amazing additional benefit which wins me more than, as the numerous others in your testimonials. I would truly challenge anyone to find the same quality knowledge and research you have invested in your training in handwriting analysis courses offered.


With regards,


Dear Handwriting Guru,

Your course is great! Definitely more then I expected. You have covered everything in your material you did not leave anything in your material. I truly appreciate your support and hats of to your knowledge.


Truly Yours


Dear Dr Ranadheer,

Thank you. There is no way to completely express my thankfulness for your training. Especially it came at just the right time, when I needed the most. I am much energized that I will be able to assist people. This course is value added tool for my profession.

God Bless You.


Jhon Mathews:

Practicing Psychologist


This course has immensely helped me to understand myself with clarity and helps me to focus on few areas of my personality that needs to change. I am spellbound with this wonderful subject; I never thought handwriting can reveal so much. I LOVE THIS COURSE! I will always feel privileged and grateful to have had Ranadheer Kumar as my mentor.





Anyone planning to join this course should stop thinking and JOIN NOW! I never thought I will learn so much so that I can analyze any one's handwriting in no time with out a fear. I thank Ranadheer Kumar for incorporating so much of knowledge and confidence in me. You are not only a great handwriting analyst but also a wonderful human being.


Best wishes


Before joining your course, I had very little interest in this subject other than researching it for my own personal interest. I've always had a intense interest in psychology and psychology related subjects. After attending your classes I see how much involved, I've become so much interested. Now I want to take up graphology as a full time profession Thank you for your informative work."


Best Regards

Dr.Sri Vardhan:


I highly recommend Ranadheer Kumar seminars and training courses. You will not find a more kind, determined & dedicated coach anywhere. I will always feel fortunate and grateful to be student of him. His teaching methodology and passion towards subject can not put it in words. Thank you very much sir.


Lots of wishes



Dear Ranadheer, after attending your classes and as per your suggestions I made few changes in my handwriting, now I feel more confident and focused. Before I attended your training I never knew small changes in handwriting can change life for better. Thanks a lot.


Truly Yours

N S Prasad:


We offer opportunities to develop fresh and broader perspectives, to make new and lasting friendships and to belong to a lively and international professional community.

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